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Hi! I'm Will! I'm a Computer Science Student! I'm also the Internal Affairs Director and a DJ at WUOG 90.5 fm! It's a pretty sick gig tbh. I run a breakcore show too :O. Sometimes I post things on the internet and they're really really funny and sometimes nobody likes them but that's ok because it's funny to me!

music i <3:
Machine Girl, Nanoray, JPEGMAFIA!, The Mars Volta, KGATLW, Sweet Trip, Death's Dynamic Shroud

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Wuog 90.5 fm

"All the stuff I'd heard about WUOG being a cliquish, exclusive club suddenly made sense. And I don't really blame a bunch of high-school, music-loving, reject, dorkies holding tightly to something and finally having the power to reject people themselves. WUOG is kinda like high school marching band in that it gives those reject dorkies a sense of home and community."
- UGA student

Discord: Hotdog#1000